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The 14th Fugue in The Art of Fugue. (Season one finale 1/2!)

November 19, 2021

This is the final fugue of The Art of Fugue, the famous 'unfinished' fugue, number 14. We discuss how one could have understood this fugue to have been unfinished in earlier periods in musical history (it was finished) and what exactly is missing. 

THE LAST PAGE ! CLICK HERE to see the 'corrupt' staves on which it would have been impossible to complete such a dense fugue. **Note the staff three from the bottom**

Topics covered:

B+A+C+H = 14

B-A-C-H as a melody and fugue subject.

Where the missing, 4th theme, comes in this quadruple fugue. 

The final combination of all four themes and its 'note for note' inversion as mentioned in Bach's obituary of 1754.


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