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Special Guest: Brad Mehldau. Why does he like Bach?

May 14, 2020

This is an interview with pianist/composer/arranger Brad Mehldau. Our conversation on May 12, 2020 spanned many diverse topics from what he is reading at the moment, what he keeps on his piano, when and how he practices, the connection between bebop and Bach, his favorite video game and more.

Bach's Table of Ornaments:

Hear the music mentioned (in the order we mention it) here:

Read the literature from our discussion here:

Book of Jeremiah: (New American Bible translation)

The Upanishads:

Doctor Faustus by Thomas Mann:

Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet

George Bernard Shaw music criticism:

Brad's favorite video game:

Musicians/Bands mentioned (Alphabetically):

Bach, Bartók, Beethoven, Brahms, Jon Brion, Wendy Carlos, Chopin, John Coltrane, Critters Buggin', Nick Drake, Fauré, Gershwin, Glenn Gould, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Haydn, Fred Hersch, Wynton Kelly, Jacques Loussier, Jerome Lowenthal, Lightning Bolt, Mahler, Mendelssohn, Mozart, Willie Nelson, Phineas Newborn, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Charlie Parker, Murray Perahia, Oscar Peterson, András Schiff, Schubert, Schumann, Wayne Shorter, Nina Simone, Art Tatum, Tom Waits, Ween. 


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