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Bonus: Bach in Revision: How does Bach improve upon himself?

April 17, 2020

This is the second bonus episode.

In it, you will hear the first three fugues from “The Art of Fugue” in their 'early versions', meaning, the versions which Bach conceived before he sent them to be published. This is a rare moment to observe Bach making improvements or corrections on his own compositions. Noticing how Bach revises his own work is a pretty rare and- may I say?- exclusive look into the mind of the great genius. 

The 'Original Print', as I said, is found here: (DOWNLOAD IT! look at page 17 and 20, and 30! 30 has 'Bach's seal'... another podcast is in oder)

An important topic covered is the 'source tradition' of The Art of Fugue, and how the two principle sources differ. We also discuss what an autograph is, and what it means to have a composition 'published' in Bach's day.

I play the first three fugues in the original versions, expose the slight variants, and dissect these slight variants and how they came to become the printed version. 

I have not yet promoted this, but I will in my next 'regular' episode: 

I 'instagramed' the entire art of fugue, and wrote in the 'stories' important facts: just google: Art of Fugue Instagram -- obviously I am the only one. This could help ye who are zealous with visuals to get inside this great work. 

Therefore, follow me on IG!: @wtfbach




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